Sam Hall

Sam is a senior double majoring in Political Science and International Studies, with a minor in Business Institutions. In his fourth year in NUMUN, Sam began his love affair with Model UN seven years ago, in his home state of Maine. Outside of NUMUN, Sam has been the President of his fraternity, an Attorney for Northwestern Mock Trial, and the Head Delegate for the MUN Travel Team. In his free time, Sam revels in being a fan of the greatest and most popular team in sports, the New England Patriots, and exploring his new home here in Chicago.

Sofia Lopez Franco
Chief of Staff

Sofia is a senior double majoring in Political Science and Legal Studies, with a minor in Psychology. This will be Sofia’s fourth year in NUMUN, and she is thrilled to be working on the Secretariat. Outside of NUMUN, Sofia engages with global affairs through her involvement with AIESEC, an international leadership development organization, and Northwestern World Cup. Sofia enjoys spending her free time traveling, drinking tea, and making up new dance moves with which to embarrass her friends in public.

Stanley Vuong
Director of Competition

Stanley is a sophomore majoring in Philosophy, Economics, and Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences. Originally from a suburb of New York City, he has been participating in Model UN since freshman year of high school. Outside of NUMUN XIV, he also is the Head Delegate for the Northwestern University Model UN Collegiate Delegation and captain of the Northwestern University Archery Team. Stanley enjoys burning through what little free time he has by binging on an electronic haze of TV shows, movies, video games, and music he’s been “meaning to catch up on.™”

Michael Pattis
Director of Content

Michael is a junior at Northwestern studying Political Science and History. He has been a part of Model UN as a delegate and staffer for 6 years. In addition to his duties at NUMUN, Michael is also an amateur stand-up comedian and can often be found at open mics around the city of Chicago.

Harvey Gill
Director of Crisis

Harvey is a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering (ME) and Manufacturing and Design Engineering (MaDE). A cockeyed optimist who got himself mixed up in the high stakes game of world diplomacy and international intrigue, he has been in MUN since high school. Apart from NUMUN, he is also a part of Northwestern's Baja Car Team. In his spare time, Harvey enjoys reading, attempting to play the guitar, writing poetry, planning coups against legitimate democratic governments and lamenting the fall of the Westphalian state.

Hayley Landman
Director of Finance

Hayley is a senior studying American Studies, preparing a senior thesis on environmental injustice and nuclear waste. She has participated in Model UN for seven years. Apart from NUMUN, she is involved in an anti-human trafficking group and does research for an urban historian on the development of “slums” in American cities. She loves reading 19th century books and cheering for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Sumaia Masoom
Director of Outreach

Sumaia is a junior from Platteville, WI, studying Social Policy and Middle Eastern & North African Studies. This is her seventh year of participating in Model United Nations. Outside of NUMUN, she is the Co-Vice President for Student Life in Associated Student Government, and is committed to making both NUMUN and campus the best possible experience for everyone involved - while also learning all about international affairs and the connectedness of our world.

Michael Guo
Director of Registration

Michael is currently a sophomore studying Economics in the school of Weinberg, and this will be his fifth year in Model United Nations. Outside of NUMUN, Michael is also involved in Northwestern's entrepreneurial club EPIC. In his free time, Michael loves to socialize with friends, listen to indie music, and walk along the lake-fill day or night (winter or fall) admiring everything Northwestern and nature have to offer.

Becca Sanchez
Director of Logistics

Becca is a senior studying Political Science and International Studies. This is her third year in NUMUN and she is excited to combine her academic projects and obsession with learning every language--both spoken and coded. On campus, she is involved with political research, university site design, and introducing new students to Northwestern. When she is not working, you can find her climbing a mountain or reading on top of it.